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BookSource is a quarterly book club for Pastors, Leaders, Readers, Thinkers, and anyone else interested in kingdom-centric books! BookSource selections reflect the values of the Vineyard movement and are confirmed by THE NATIONAL VINEYARD OFFICE. By enrolling you will receive one new book each quarter at approximately $25 per quarter. You can cancel at any time.

Click "add to cart" to join. No cost to join online. We'll ship the newest book to you at the special rate. One BookSource selection, per quarter, will be mailed to you.

Answers to some FAQs:

-There is no cost to enroll. We will bill your card, for one book, each quarter.
- If you ever get a book you already own just let us know and you can return it.
- BookSource books are are not always by Vineyard writers.
- If you see a book on our website, it's not going to be a future booksource, we only mail out books that have not been featured before.

Important Terms & Conditions:

*The BookSource rice per shipment averages $25 plus shipping & handling. Your credit card will be billed when the next BookSource shipment is mailed to you. The books are shipped automatically to enrollees 3 to 4 times each year. By enrolling in BookSource, you grant Vineyard Resources the right to automatically ship Booksource books and charge your credit card for your BookSource at the time of each shipment.