5 Step Prayer Model Booklet [Pack of 50]

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Vineyard USA

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Perhaps no idea is more central to what it means to be “Vineyard” than how we pray for others. The 5 STEP PRAYER MODEL has been used to train thousands of Vineyard people around the world how to interactively pray for another while listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This fresh, powerful, and inexpensive resource can be in the hands of every person in your congregation – teaching them how to hear God’s voice as they pray for healing and minister compassionately to those desiring prayer.

Designed for every member of every Vineyard church, THE 5 STEP PRAYER MODEL will be your go-to tool for preaching, teaching, and training the Church to pray – in churches, schools, places of business, homes, and in the streets!


  • Foreword
  • Wimber On Prayer Ministry
  • The 5 Step Prayer Model: An Introduction

The 5 Steps

  • The Interview
  • The Diagnosis
  • Prayer Selection
  • Prayer Engagement
  • Post-Prayer Direction


  • A 5 Step Prayer Model Card for quick reference!


  • A description of the 5 Step Prayer Model
  • Quotes from Wimber
  • 5 accessible summaries of each of the 5 steps
  • A back cover 5 Step Prayer Model card for Ministry Teams


  • A powerful tool for teaching your entire congregation to hear God’s voice
  • A perfect training tool for your Ministry/Prayer Teams
  • A Sermon Series ready to roll on the 5 Step Prayer Model
  • A call to minister in the church, and on the streets, through prayer
  • A resource for your Small Groups and Leadership Teams
  • Connect with The 5 Step Prayer Model For Kids!

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