National Vineyard Leadership Conference 2011 [6 DVDs]

Vineyard USA

Reaching The Unreached [6 DVD Box Set]

Recorded live at the 2011 National Vineyard Leadership Conference. Held at the Vineyard Church North Phoenix, AZ.

DVD 1: Brian Anderson
The Kingdom Of God - The Mandate for Reaching the Unreached

DVD 2: Ken Wilson
The Ripe Fields of the Unreached

DVD 3: Homero Garcia
Healthy Churches - The Community for Reaching the Unreached

DVD 4: Dianne Leman
The Holy Spirit - The Power for Reaching the Unreached


Miami Vineyard Live [CD]

Miami Vineyard

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Presented by Vineyard Music.

What happens when a group of 20+ musicians and 10+ songwriters steeped deep in their own musical traditions of Black Gospel, Latin, Caribbean, and Anglo come together to create a new tradition and sound? What happens when the fusion of Black, Anglo, Latino, Caribbean, and Cuban voices unite together to worship in one voice? Among the 2000 people that attend the Miami Vineyard Community Church, there are over a hundred singers, instrumentalists and songwriters that make up its eclectic worship ministry. For one night, these musicians joined together in worship and invited the church to document the sound that is uniquely MIAMI VINEYARD LIVE.

This distinctive bi-lingual liturgy is filled with many flavors, from Latino claves to gospel two-step to funk and soul to delay-laden rock guitars of modern worship, yet they all work together seamlessly to create a new sound and voice that is authentic and refreshing. From anthems of praise and proclamation to songs of intimacy and adoration, there is a common thread running deep throughout this recording and that is true worship of the Living God as an expression of His Kingdom breaking in on the streets and beaches of Miami, FL.

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Lead On! National Vineyard Women's Conference - Main Sessions [5 CD Box Set]


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There are different kinds of service, but one Lord. There are different kinds of gifts, but one gift giver. JESUS LEADS AND WE FOLLOW

Included in this 5 CD-ROM Box Set...


From The Sanctuary To The Streets [Book]

Charles Bello & Brian Blount

Insights and Adventures in Power Evangelism

Also available

From the Sanctuary to the Streets is a practical guide written to propel the reader into a lifestyle marked by intimacy with God and power evangelism. Through teaching and personal stories, the authors share with humor and honesty their own efforts to embrace the empowering activity of the Holy Spirit. As the authors state, "We are not called to be spiritual recluses or trail blazing burnouts. Rather, we are called to be friends of God who live a life of intimacy and impact as we simply do life with God in a naturally supernatural way."


Healing Ministry [Book]

Jack Moraine

Also available

Healing & God's Will
Healing & The Kingdom Of God
How Jesus Healed The Sick
Healing & Authority
Healing & Faith
Healing & The Cross
Healing Past Hurts


Teach Us to Pray [7 DVD Box Set]

John Wimber

7 DVDs and Bonus PDF Syllabus

During 1985, John Wimber taught nearly every Sunday on prayer. The material in this extremely practical 7 DVD set, came as a result of that experience. The message & classic Vineyard viewpoint one finds here came from God’s blessing and leading. As you watch and read this material, it will strengthen your convictions toward learning to pray like never before!

"...over the years I've attended hundreds of prayer meetings and without much exception most of them were pretty pathetic. The people didn't pray with much boldness, understanding or power." John Wimber


12-Steps With Jesus [BOOK]

Don Williams


Have you heard of Freedom For Life?
Freedom For Life is the new 13 week recovery course based on this book by Don Williams! Check it out today and consider running a course at your church.

How Filling the Spiritual Emptiness In Your Life Can Help You Break Free From AddictionDISCOVER THE ROOT OF ADDICTION AND COUNTER IT WITH CHRIST

Based on the Twelve Steps from Alcoholics Anonymous

It is possible to find freedom from fear and release from addictive thoughts and behaviors. When you allow Jesus to fill the emptiness in your life, you can leave addiction in the dust!

Too many churches perpetuate compulsive sin by overemphasizing the control that we have in our lives-but the Bible tells us that churches must lead a person with an addictive behavior to dependence on Jesus. When we learn to give ourselves wholly to Christ, He will fill us wholly, replacing the hollowness that results in addiction.

In 12 practical steps taken with Jesus, you can discover freedom from addiction and embrace the abundant life that God promises to all of his children.

By Don Williams
Number of Pages: 165


Freedom for Life Leader's Kit - CD ROM

Brenda Gatlin - Duluth Vineyard Church

This CD leader's kit includes printable files for the following:

- Group Facilitator's Guide
- Participant's Journal
- Participant's Guide
- Promo Cards for spreading the word about your course

About The Course:

Freedom For Life is a 13 week recovery course which fosters teaching participants how to receive the healing power of the Holy Spirit, commitment to honest and authentic community, and intentional discipleship to become intimate and dependent on Jesus to meet all of their needs.


Furious Love [DVD]


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Empowered Evangelism [6 DVD SET] by Robby Dawkins

Furious Love is a life changing documentary on the power of God's love over darkness.

Featuring Vineyard Pastor Robby Dawkins and a host of other faces, this powerful, haunting film will open your eyes to the war around us all. Furious Love will challenge everything you know about the strength and majesty of a God who furiously fights for us with the greatest weapon in the world…Love.

Join filmmaker Darren Wilson as he travels the world to some of the darkest spiritual climates on the planet. New Age and Witchcraft festivals, the persecuted church, heroin addicts, the sex trade…they are no match for the raw power of God’s unconditional love.

Running Time: 95 Minutes

Promo Video Featuring Vineyard Pastor Robby Dawkins...


The Power of Ugly [Book]

Jamie Stilson

Discovering the Power of Ugly will cost you your pride. You will learn to take off your religious masks and stand naked before God. Ugly will liberate you from a false spirituality which pretends that being spiritual means that you stop being a real, flawed human being. Ugly is a celebration of the beauty of God’s grace reflected through our weaknesses, not our strengths.


Naturally Supernatural [DVD Set & Full Book Combo]

Gary Best

Experiencing The Kingdom

Book & DVD Set Combo --- $7 Off!

- Includes One Book & DVD Set
- Filmed live with Gary Best


Breakthrough [DVD Set]

Derek Morphew

Kingdom Theology & Practice

- Includes 3 DVDs w/ 5 Sessions
- Filmed live with Derek Morphew
- Created by Vineyard Bible Institute (VBI)


Doing Healing [DVD Set & Full Book Combo]

Alexander Ventor

Healing Ministry

Book & DVD Set Combo --- $13 Off!

- Includes one book & 6 DVDs
- Filmed live with Alexander Venter
- Created by Vineyard Bible Institute (VBI)


Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms [Book]

Stanley J. Grenz, David Guretzki, Cherith Fee Nordling

Recommended reading by Society of Vineyard Scholars

Beginning to study theology is like stepping into a conversation that has been going on for two thousand years.

How do you take part in this conversation--of even make sense of it--if you don't understand the vocabulary or know the contributions made by other participants?


Doing Healing [6 DVDs]

Alexander Venter


- Includes 6 DVDs
- Filmed live with Alexander Venter
- Created by Vineyard Bible Institute (VBI)

Corresponding Resources:
Doing Healing [Book]
Doing Healing [DVD & Book Kit] --- $12 Off!

This new DVD set by VBI & Alexander Venter is a "must watch" If you desire to be healed, or want God to use you to heal others!


Statement Of Faith Pamphlets [50 Pack]

Vineyard USA

Published by Vineyard USA, the Statement of Faith pamphlets are perfect to give out to new church visitors and members.

[Pack of 50]

Additional Visitor and Member Resources Available:

Core Values
Welcome CDs


Passport [BOOK]


Now available in:

Case of 40 books - $12.50
[Please call to place your bulk order.]

At 149 pages, Passport is a powerful 10 week "how-to" guide through the Kingdom of God and is designed to help a new follower of Christ learn from and with a more experienced Christian. Includes daily Bible readings, fill in the blank questions and practical spiritual exercises to help new believers grow in intimacy with God and meaningful kingdom service.


Leadership [2 DVD BOX SET]

John Wimber

Leadership, by John Wimber,
This box set includes 2 DVDs.

Leadership was recorded live at the 1995 International Vineyard Pastors Conference where Wimber was speaking to pastors and leaders from all over the world. In typical Wimber fashion, John's talk covers the concept of leadership in a profound, yet practical way with the intention of equipping leaders at every level of ministry.

In disc 1, Wimber addresses the definition of leadership, effectively articulating necessary concepts and traits that clarify what leadership means.


Creation Care [Booklet] An Intro for Busy Pastors

Ken Wilson

Creation Care: An introduction for busy pastors.

By Ken Wilson, Joel Hunter, Richard Cizik and Eric Chivian.

Evangelicals & Scientist collaborated on this introduction on Creation Care for busy pastors.

Sorting fact from fiction on the environment isn't always easy and these issues are often affected by the political and cultural divides or our day which obscures the biblical mandate to care for creation as responsible stewards. Pastors and Scientists, alike bring you this easy to read guide to creation care from a biblical perspective.


Signs & Wonders [13 DVD BOX SET]

John Wimber

This is the prerequisite teaching to the "Healing DVD Set" (MC511) by John Wimber.

"...a remarkable piece of work resulting from a remarkable process." Dr. C. Peter Wagner

Based on the class John Wimber taught at Fuller Theological Seminary - MC510, this is John's most in demand teaching series to this day and is for the first time ever, NOW ON DVD!

Recorded live in Anaheim California in the 1980's, this in-depth seminar taught by John Wimber includes hands on clinics where the audience puts in to practice the things they are learning!

Box Set includes PDF Syllabus and 13 DVDs.


Healing [8 DVD BOX SET]

John Wimber

Based on the class John Wimber taught at Fuller Theological Seminary, Healing (MC511). This series is a timeless video collection broken into 29 twenty-five minute segments. Healing (MC511) is ideal for group, training and/or personal study on the topic of healing ~ physical & spiritual.


Burn Bright [CD & Bonus DVD]


$12.00 OFF

Sorry. Now sold out.


Grace and Truth: Toward Christlike Relationships with Muslims [Booklet]

Vineyard USA: Rick Love

Grace & Truth: Toward Christlike Relationships with Muslims

Created by Vineyard USA & Dr. Rick Love.

The Grace & Truth Booklet is a small, well-designed document which articulates the Vineyard viewpoint regarding Islam and sharing Jesus with our Muslim friends. It's an amazingly educational and informative piece that can be used by leaders and others to shape our attitudes toward this misunderstood topic. It's a "must-read" for all Vineyard leaders.


Prayer as a Place

Charles Bello

out of stock

Prayer as a Place is an invitation to partner with Christ as he leads the believer into the dark places of his or her own heart. The purpose of this journey is to bring holiness and wholeness to the child of God. With candor and brutal honesty, pastor Charles Bello shares his own reluctance, and then resolve, to follow Christ on this inward journey. In sharing his story, readers gain insight into what their own personal journeys may look like. Prayer as a Place reads like a roadmap as it explores the contemporary use of contemplative prayer as a means of following Christ inward.


Worship [5 DVD BOX SET]

John Wimber

Worship is a 13 Session, 5 DVD teaching series designed for personal or group study. In Worship, Vineyard founder, John Wimber, simply and practically addresses the who, what, how and why of contemporary worship, using scripture-based material and live demonstration.

Recorded at Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Anaheim, CA, in 1989, this series is conveniently broken into 30 minute segments. Whether you have studied worship extensively or are just delving into what worship is; this series will take you on a reflective spiritual journey to true worship.

Includes live worship with Danny Daniels, Eddie Espinosa, Marie Barnett and Debbie Smith-Tebay.


Club Vineyard 2009-2010 Music Pack

Vineyard Music

Club Vineyard is to experiencing Vineyard Worship like Starbucks is to experiencing's the place to go! To simplify that process for worship leaders and listeners not enrolled on Club Vineyard, we've combined the Club albums from 2009 into CLUB PACK 2010.


Spiritual Gifts Kit [12 CDs + 2 Syllabus]

John Wimber

The classic teaching from John Wimber is now available as a set! Includes 12 CDs and 2 syllabuses.

Click to purchase the MP3 version from DigitalSource.


The Gospel of the Kingdom [Book]

G. Eldon Ladd

Ladd, whose work has included much technical study of the doctrine of the kingdom, here presents a practical and devotional scriptural study of the many aspects of the kingdom, based on the parables, the Sermon on the Mount, and other key passages.

143 pages


Willing [Book]

Rick Evans / Tom Wadsworth

Is the idea of divine healing exciting to you? But does praying for others make you feel uneasy at the same time? Are you looking for a practical, biblical, hands-on approach to praying for the sick so God can use you to help bring comfort & healing to others? Then Willing is "just what the doctor ordered"!

"What's great about this book is that whether you are new to exploring how God heals today, or you've been praying for people for years, Rick's stories and practical outline will stir you, inspire you, and also equip you to take some RISK in your own life."


Discover Vineyard Worship [CD]

Vineyard Music


Click to purchase the MP3 version from DigitalSource.

Featuring 16 of the best new songs from the Vineyard!

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