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The Victor & The Prize. A Vineyard USA Easter Devotional [50 Pack]

Created by Vineyard USA in partnership with Dan Wilt, M.Min.


Bulk Pricing: Paperback Booklets sold in packs of 50.
50 -- $1.25 ea.
100+ -- $1.00 ea.

Unpack the Power of Easter with Your Congregation – and the Resurrection Life!

"For the Christian, there is no more important celebration than Easter. Our new life in Christ flows from the resurrection moment, and changes – literally – everything. Over 7 devotionals, you’ll have the opportunity, again and again, to enter into the victory won by Jesus. Your new life in Christ, I pray, will take on a powerful new sense of meaning. Hope will begin to fill your heart – just like it did the earliest disciples."
~ Phil Strout, National Director of Vineyard USA


A 7-Week Easter Devotional For Individuals and Families

"His body broken, his wounds fresh, Jesus is embalmed, wrapped in linen, and placed on a cold slab in a rock-carved grave. Death, with its unquenchable hunger, receives him mercilessly into its halls. Then, the miracle begins. The Tomb of Death is about to become a Womb of Life – as the Victor reveals himself. And what will be the Prize for such a victory? The keys of Death – and New Life for you and I."

The "Easter Season" includes 7 Sundays that begin with Easter Sunday, and leads up to the celebration of the Spirit coming at Pentecost. This devotional is designed for every member of your congregation, and will take each individual or family in your church on a powerful devotional experience claiming the gifts of the resurrection life.

Pastors can use this booklet for rich sermon series content throughout the Easter season.

Written for individuals and families, these 20 pages will inspire your congregation in their New Life journey, and at the same time enable you to reach out to neighbors and family with a transforming message of Hope in Christ.


One Star - Church Package [50 Booklets & 50 CDs]

Vineyard Resources & Vineyard USA

Want both the booklets & CDs for your guest this holiday season? Here’s a good way to save even more.

Order the One Star - Church Package with 50 booklets & 50 CDs per package. Order as many packages as you need.

Saves you $25 per package!


Holy Spirit - Holiness [Leader Guide]

Janice Wood

New 6 week small group curriculum from Vineyard pastor Janice Wood!

The Small Group "Tear Off" Guide: Unique to Janice Wood's Thirst & Elements curriculum and now her new Holy Spirit curriculum! The "tear off" format serves as a form of small group game rather than something to just read. This format encourages quiet people to participate and works to keep talkative people from dominating the conversation. For the host, it tends to eliminate awkward pauses and simplifies the time... just tear off a sheet and begin!



Holy Spirit - Holiness [Book]

Janice Wood

New 6 week small group curriculum from Vineyard pastor Janice Wood! Includes fill in the blank reflection and discussion questions.


Holy Spirit - Holiness [Leader's Kit]

Janice Wood

New 6 week small group curriculum from Vineyard pastor Janice Wood! Includes fill in the blank reflection and discussion questions.

Save $3 and buy the leader kit!

The power of the Holy Spirit was never intended simply for our private consumption; the power of the Holy Spirit is the engine of kingdom building. As we encounter this fascinating person of the trinity we are changed. The very breath of our Creator God has been sent to reside in us. Can we even fathom that? And by Him we are transformed and empowered to do even greater things than Jesus did, not for our glory but to bring others into an encounter with a loving God.

Let us pursue the Holy Spirit and let our holiness be the evidence of His presence.


10 Pillars Of Leadership: by Phil Strout [DVD]

Vineyard USA / Phil Strout

Run Time: 1 Hour & 45 Min.

10 Pillars of Leadership [DVD]
Featuring Phil Strout
National Director, Vineyard USA

"When folks... especially young leaders have asked me 'What are the things that have really helped you along the way... with the nitty gritty (of ministry)... in the trenches?' I find I don't have to look at what others are saying about leadership. We can just look through our own lives (in ministry) and see certain principles that have become "pillars"... lasting... able to endure the pressure and still remain true. That's what these videos are all about." ~Phil Strout, Vineyard USA, National Director

In 30+ years of ministry, Vineyard USA National Director, Phil Strout has
learned a few things. The 10 Pillars of Leadership [DVD] includes 10 key principles of leadership and teamwork that have emerged as lasting and relevant in Phil's ministry. These strong pillars have become buzz phrases among Phil's family, ministry teams, and the churches in which he served. Each 8 to 12 minute video features Phil unpacking one pillar using personal stories and solid content to communicate the power of that pillar.

Use this set for: Church staff, leader & volunteer training, small groups, sermon content and personal growth.


Launching Leaders: A Vineyard USA Booklet [25 Pack]

Created by Vineyard USA in partnership with Michael Gatlin

Sold in packs of 25.
$1.25 ea. under 100
$1.00 ea. over 100

You can multiply leaders in your church – and they can multiply themselves.

Launching Leaders
How To Multiply Leaders In The Local Church
7 Practical Sessions From A Classic Vineyard Approach

"Since the beginning of the Vineyard Movement, we have been about the work of multiplying leaders and churches to serve God's kingdom purposes on the earth. In this booklet, seasoned church planter Michael Gatlin shows you the 'Vineyard way' that we have developed leaders in our local churches for years. This simple tool, if applied in your church, could revolutionize the way you do life and ministry with others." ~Phil Strout, Vineyard USA National Director


All In [DVD SET] - 2013 National Vineyard Conference

Vineyard USA

2013 National Vineyard Conference DVD Set. Includes main session teachings on 7 DVDs.

The Vineyard Movement: All In is a call to see the Vineyard movement become an "all in community" for the kingdom of God. The conference just happened July 15th-18th of this year at the Vineyard church in Anaheim California. Amidst countless amazing conference moments, the overwhelming theme was a commissioning of all Vineyard generations to go ALL IN for the glory of God and the well-being of people. The response to this call is captured and conveyed on this comprehensive DVD set.

About the conference:
The Vineyard Movement: All In is a call to see the Vineyard movement become an "all in community" for the kingdom of God. Reaching the hearts of 21st century people will take everything we've got, with no holding back. Held at the Vineyard Church of Anaheim California, July 15th - 18th 2013.

Featured Speakers:
Phil Strout
Luis Bush
Becky Olmstead
Jay Pathak
Jenna Stepp
Rich Nathan
Steve Nicholson
Robby Dawkins
Christena Cleveland
Le Que Heidkamp


All In [Bag]

Vineyard USA

Represent the Vineyard while at the farmers market or grocery store. The new "All In" bags are also great for the gym or beach.

The new ALL IN "Freeset" shopping bags were hand-crafted by women who have been freed from prostitution in Calcutta, India. Through FREESET GLOBAL these women now earn a living making quality bags and shirts. Help continue the journey of freedom by purchasing a bag for yourself and a friend!

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 6
100% Cotton


Core Values & Beliefs [Vineyard USA Booklet]

Vineyard USA

1-99 $1.25 ea.
100+ $1.00 ea.

[Adjust quantity after adding to cart.]

The new Core Values Booklet provides an excellent, concise statement of who the Vineyard is and what we believe. The national office of Vineyard USA has compiled a beautiful full color booklet meant to be given to EVERYONE in the Vineyard.

"Our core values and beliefs booklet is an attempt to provide a brief summary of who the Vineyard is and what we believe. Our Statement of Purpose is a concise affirmation of why we exist. Our Core Values give meaning to all that we do. They also drive our purpose, define what is central to us, position the Vineyard in the larger body of Christ and remove ambiguity in mission..."
Phil Strout National Director, Vineyard USA


Thrive: Phil Strout [Book]

Phil Strout

Now Available!

THRIVE: How to successfully navigate the S-turns of leadership.

Leadership is a journey. Much like a road race, there are times when you can enjoy the speed and thrill of the straightaways. And then there are times when you have to navigate some incredibly challenging S-turns. In order to help people become effective leaders, we need to prepare them for all road conditions.

Explore what it means to be the kind of leader who can handle the challenging circumstances that come your way and not just survive but thrive.

Through a close look at Scripture and many first-hand accounts, join veteran Christian pastor and leader Phil Strout as he takes you on a journey to discover what it means to thrive as a leader in a world full of obstacles and challenges.


Seeing Through Cynicism

Dick Keyes

"Cynicism is not your friend, even if it seems like the right approach to life. Dick Keyes offers a penetrating critique of cynicism- as a point of view, and as applied to issues like marriage, church, government, and God himself. He suggests cynicism does not deliver on the insight it promises, and points us to a better way. A powerful resource for leaders and pastors."
- Phil Strout, National Director Vineyard USA

This Item only ships to the United States. If you are located internationally and need multiple copies please email us at


How Is Your Soul [Booklet]

Created by Vineyard USA in partnership with Dan Wilt, M.Min.

How Is Your Soul? is a booklet that is designed to encourage you, renew you, and empower you to live a life full of the Spirit’s love – and a life energized by the Spirit’s presence. I pray that you grow stronger through this resource.”
- Phil Strout, National Director of Vineyard USA



Phil Strout: Vision For The Way On [Double DVD Set]

Phil Strout

Vision For The Way On is a brand new 2 disc DVD Set featuring Phil Strout, the newly elected National Director for Vineyard USA. Recorded live in Anaheim California, Vision For The Way On is a great chance to get to know Phil Strout as he shares his background, personal stories and inspiring vision for the Vineyard movement.

Vineyard family we encourage you to share this video set and booklet with your whole church. Consider showing Phil's message at your Vineyard 101 classes and small groups.

DVD Set Includes:
What's To Come: 1 hour & 18 min.
Preach The Gospel: 48 min.


How Is Your Soul? A Vineyard USA Devotional [50 Pack]

Created by Vineyard USA in partnership with Dan Wilt, M.Min.

Bulk Pricing: Paperback Booklets sold in packs of 50.
50 - $1.25 ea.
100+ - $1.00 ea.

How Is Your Soul? is a booklet that is designed to encourage you, renew you, and empower you to live a life full of the Spirit’s love – and a life energized by the Spirit’s presence. I pray that you grow stronger through this resource.”
- Phil Strout, National Director of Vineyard USA


The Cause Conference 2012 [4 DVD Set]

Jay Pathak, Don Williams & Michael Gatlin

Featuring Jay Pathak, Don Williams & Michael Gatlin

God desires for us all to step out in His power and bring His kingdom here and now. Be inspired and challenged to step out and do the things Jesus did - Heal the sick, cast out demons, and feed the poor.

The Cause Conference: A Cause to Live For is a 3 day Vineyard conference held in the heart of beautiful Denver, Colorado at the Mile High Vineyard. Hundreds of youth and young at heart gathered to seek the heart of the Lord and go out into the community.

Hearing from some of the most inspiring voices in the Vineyard Movement, they were -and you will be- stirred to step out into the dreams, callings and vision the Lord has for us.

Conference set includes 4 DVDs and 1 audio CD teaching. Geared for young adults and the young at heart!


Ignite [6 DVD Set]

Becky & Rick Olmstead

Ignite: Lighting the Fires of the Next Generation
"What if Vineyard churches committed the next ten years making kids and youth a priority with our time energy and money? Could we change a generation? Let’s find out as we step into what the Father is doing in this generation. It will take an “inter-generational” effort where we, as an “Integrated Vineyard Family”, rise up to the challenge God has presented to us. We can be God’s Torch Bearers as we light the fires of this generation to change the world!"

-- Rick and Becky Olmstead - Vineyard USA Children's Task force & Pastors at Vineyard Of The Rockies

Check out the book Becky recommends in the above video.

Part 1: For Such a Time as This
It’s time to realize that God is speaking to the church (the Vineyard) about making this generation of kids and youth a top priority. We exist for such a time as this. Like Ester, God has placed us strategically to Rescue, Reach, Root, Release and Resource a generation to change the world.

Part 2: Rescue a Generation at Risk
What if a generation of kids and youth who are trapped in the vicious cycles of poverty, violence, abuse and hopelessness were rescued and given a chance at a new life. In this session, Rick O takes a sobering look at the realities our kids face these days.


The Art of Neighboring [Book]

Jay Pathak & Dave Runyon

This is the current installment of BookSource so if you are already enrolled in the quarterly book club you'll receive a copy automatically.

What if Jesus meant that we should love our actual neighbors?

When Jesus was asked to sum up everything into one command, he said to love God with everything we have and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Most of us have turned this simple idea of loving our neighbors into a nice saying, putting it on bumper stickers and refrigerator magnets and then going on with our lives without actually putting it into practice.

What would happen if every follower of Jesus took the Great Commandment literally? Is it possible that the solution to our society's biggest issues has been right under our noses for the past two thousand years?

Small Group Leader's: Includes 6 weeks of bonus small group curriculum in the back section of each book. Also great for your personal devotional times.


Cultivation Generation Conference [4 DVD SET]

Jeremiah Carlson, Robby Dawkins, Tri Robinson

New Release! A 4 disc DVD set recorded live at Cultivation Generation Boise ID.

Featuring Robby Dawkins, Jeremiah Carlson & Tri Robinson.

Experience Cultivation Generation and be inspired to go out and bring God's Kingdom to your community. Learn practical ways how to step out and be used by the Holy Spirit, whether you're young or old, you are sure to be impacted by these great stories & teachings. The next generation is excited to go out and be used by God. They are seeing miracles, new lives transformed by Jesus' love and getting their own God stories. Watch and be changed.

Session One /// Jeremiah Carlson
Session Two /// Tri Robinson
Session Three /// Robbie Dawkins
Session Four /// Robbie Dawkins


Heroic Leadership [BOOK]

Chris Lowney

Recommended reading for Church Leadership:

"I believe that Lowney has done a great service to all leaders by extracting these four principles from the heart of all things Jesuit. It is amazing how we can use these historical accounts in the reality of the 21st century."
~ Phil Strout, Pathway Vineyard


Spiritual Gifts [8 DVD BOX SET]

John Wimber

We have a very limited supply of the original spiritual gifts physical syllabus available. While this 8 DVD set comes with a 9th disc including a PDF version of the syllabus, you can "tack on" the paper version while supplies last.

Originally released in the 1980s, Spiritual Gifts 8 DVD set was pulled from the original John Wimber 2 volume series Spiritual Gifts. Recorded in a live audience setting, Spiritual Gifts includes 26 video sessions, approximately 30 minutes each.

"The Evangelical Church for years has recognized the priesthood of all believers. We have seen the necessity for each member of the Body to be equipped and to function in his area of talent and gifting. So why address the issue again?


A Place at the Table - Kit [1 Book & 1 DVD]

Chris Seay

Grab the Book here.

Video & Book Curriculum

Great for individuals or small groups.

Retail: $33.98
Our Price: $24.99 ($9.00 OFF)

- one 6 session DVD
- one book


The 4/14 Window [Book]

Luis Bush

This book is no longer available. For free resources from 4/14 please visit

About the Book:

Essential. Critical. Revolutionary. Be prepared for Christian missions strategist Luis Bush to change the way you think about missions forever. Twenty years ago, Bush introduced the concept of the 10/40 Window (an area between 10 degrees and 40 degrees latitude where the gospel is least present) and radically altered the landscape of missions. Now, Bush is urging Christians to re-prioritize and redirect their energies at the youth of nations. A great opportunity exists to develop and mobilize a new generation of Christ followers, especially those between the ages of 4 to 14; This is the 4/14 Window.

Becky Olmstead - Vineyard USA Children's Task Force Leader
I love this book!! I believe that God is moving all across the world
today, placing his heart for kids inside his followers. This book
helps us understand how and why kids can make a transformational
impact in their world today. It doesn't let us forget how important it
is that we share Jesus with kids while the soil of their hearts is
most receptive.


Too Small To Ignore [Book]

Wess Stafford

About the Book:
The time has come, argues Dr. Wess Stafford, for a major paradigm shift: Children are too important and too intensely loved by God to be left behind or left to chance. Children belong to all of us and we are compelled to intervene on their behalf. We must invest in children–all across the world.

There are strategic, persuasive reasons–beyond love and kindness–to invest in children. Today they may snuggle into your lap, if you let them. But tomorrow you may not have access to them in the corridors of power they might occupy. Now is the time to shape the future.

Dr. Stafford issues an urgent call for change. His adventures as a boy raised in a West African village provide an often-humorous and always-captivating backdrop to his profound and inspiring challenges. Wess lived the reality of “it takes a village to raise a child” and calls us to “be that loving village for children everywhere.”
This book will encourage you to turn your good, loving intentions into strategic actions and empower you to help change the world–and the future–forever: one child at a time.


Burn Bright Worship Conference 2010 [DVDs]

Vineyard Music

Normal Website Price: $40.00
Blowout Price: $14.99
That's $25.01 Off!

Want it now?

Click to purchase "Audio Only" version from DigitalSource.

Worship & The Kingdom Of God

Experience powerful DVD teachings connecting worship and the Kingdom of God. Fresh from the 2010 Burn Bright conference held at the North Phoenix Vineyard Church, this 4-disc collection covers such topics as Centrality of Worship, The Kingdom Come & Coming, Jesus The King, and more.


Furious [CD] by Jeremy Riddle

Jeremy Riddle

"Furious" is Jeremy Riddle's 3rd full length album from Vineyard Music and is the newest collection of songs penned by this gifted songwriter and worship leader.

Furious communicates the story of God’s love and kingdom with strong worship anthems like the title cut, "Furious" and "One Thing Remains" to introspective musical devotions such as "God of the Redeemed" and "The Lord is My Shepherd."

Jeremy’s newest songs are exceptional for congregational worship and personal worship moments.

Also available as a mp3 download:

Purchase the Sheet Music:

Song Stories Video:

Other Releases By Jeremy:


National Vineyard Leadership Conference 2011 [6 DVDs]

Vineyard USA

Reaching The Unreached [6 DVD Box Set]

Recorded live at the 2011 National Vineyard Leadership Conference. Held at the Vineyard Church North Phoenix, AZ.

DVD 1: Brian Anderson
The Kingdom Of God - The Mandate for Reaching the Unreached

DVD 2: Ken Wilson
The Ripe Fields of the Unreached

DVD 3: Homero Garcia
Healthy Churches - The Community for Reaching the Unreached

DVD 4: Dianne Leman
The Holy Spirit - The Power for Reaching the Unreached


From The Sanctuary To The Streets [Book]

Charles Bello & Brian Blount

Insights and Adventures in Power Evangelism

Also available

From the Sanctuary to the Streets is a practical guide written to propel the reader into a lifestyle marked by intimacy with God and power evangelism. Through teaching and personal stories, the authors share with humor and honesty their own efforts to embrace the empowering activity of the Holy Spirit. As the authors state, "We are not called to be spiritual recluses or trail blazing burnouts. Rather, we are called to be friends of God who live a life of intimacy and impact as we simply do life with God in a naturally supernatural way."


Doing Church [DVD Set]

Alexander Venter


- Includes 6 DVDs
- Filmed live with Alexander Venter
- Created by Vineyard Bible Institute (VBI)

A DVD set based off of the Vineyard book Doing Church, taught by Alexander
Venter, Doing Church DVD Set is a "must watch" if you want to have a clear and
effective plan for your new or existing church!

Professionally recorded in Hi-DEF, this video teaching will help you determine
and discover vision, values, priorities and practical principles for developing
and growing your Church. In a style that helps one reflect instead of feeling
coerced into thinking in certain way, the Doing Church DVDs will encourage
and motivate you to build in a positive, directed and value-driven plan!

About the Author:
Alexander Venter was John Wimber’s research assistant when the original healing booklets: Healing 1, 2, 3 and 4 were developed. He was the ghost author, while John was the public author. Venter is a Vineyard pastor in South Africa. He is the author of three companion books, Doing Church, Doing Reconciliation and Doing Healing. Venter also oversees a number of Vineyard churches in his region; and is on the national leadership of the Association of Vineyard Churches in South Africa.

Alexander Venter


Teach Us to Pray [7 DVD Box Set]

John Wimber

7 DVDs and Bonus PDF Syllabus

During 1985, John Wimber taught nearly every Sunday on prayer. The material in this extremely practical 7 DVD set, came as a result of that experience. The message & classic Vineyard viewpoint one finds here came from God’s blessing and leading. As you watch and read this material, it will strengthen your convictions toward learning to pray like never before!

"...over the years I've attended hundreds of prayer meetings and without much exception most of them were pretty pathetic. The people didn't pray with much boldness, understanding or power." John Wimber

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