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NLC 2017 - Together Leaning Outward [DVD]

Vineard USA

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On July 10-13, 2017 the Vineyard Movement across the US, with guests from around the world, gathering for Together, Leaning Outward – our 2017 Vineyard USA National Conference. Children, Youth, and Adults worshipped passionately, grew biblically and experientially, and ministered to one another throughout this powerful week together.


The Vineyard Movement - A Global Family [2015 DVD SET]

Vineyard USA

Now Available - 2015 Vineyard National Conference DVD Set!


Luke & Acts [7 Session DVD]

Vineyard Institute & Vineyard Resources


Continuing The Ministry Of Jesus Today

A NEW DVD Bible Study – Designed for Vineyard Churches
For Small Groups and Students of the Bible (at every level)

What does it mean to learn the Bible through the lens of Kingdom theology?

Find answers in this powerful 7-week study (introduction + 6 lessons) of the books of LUKE and ACTS. Journey though the Scriptures with seasoned Vineyard theologian, Derek Morphew, Ph.D. as you go deep into scholarly ideas that reveal the Kingdom coming in Luke, the empowering of the Spirit in Acts, and the response of wonder that always accompanies the saving work of God.

VINEYARD INSTITUTE powers this rich study, and you’re sure to learn AND grow. Produced specifically for Vineyard churches in a groundbreaking collaboration between Vineyard Resources and Vineyard Institute – this DVD is for small groups and students of the Bible at every level.


Doin' The Stuff 3 [DVD SET]

Vineyard USA

The Doin’ The Stuff 3 conference in Urbana, IL was a gathering of folks dedicated to asking the following questions:

What is the Spirit doing? What is the Spirit saying? How can we partner with Him?
This DVD set captures teachings and practical application about how the Holy Spirit moves and invites us to join Him.

Learn about:
• prophetic ministry
• healing prayer
• hearing from God
• a balanced attitude toward spiritual gifts
• and so much more...


The Pulpit [5 DVD SET]

Vineyard USA

The Pulpit
Planning, Prepping & Presenting To Our Churches

Phil Strout - Dianne Leman - Rich Nathan - David Parker

This 5 Disc DVD set is not just for pastors—it is for people who have a desire to learn the skill of planning a sermon series, preparing material, and delivering sermons.


Kingdom Insights: Phil Strout [DVD]

Phil Strout


Kingdom Insights with Phil Strout is a new interview DVD from School Of Kingdom Ministry.

Kingdom Insights is a series of interviews with people who are on the cutting edge of Holy Spirit centered kingdom ministry. These interviews give a window into the journey of living a naturally supernatural lifestyle and help us learn from the road others have walked. Learn about key breakthroughs and the process of walking into your calling form those on the front lines!


Small Group Worship Vol.1 [Virtual Worship DVD]

Vineyard Records UK

PAL format. For use with DVD players that will play international disc.

Featuring 16 Vineyard songs, simply arranged and easy to sing. Includes on screen sing-along lyrics. Great for home groups!

Small Group Worship Vol.01 is the first in a new series of worship releases by Vineyard Records UK.

Small Group Worship Vol.1 brings together 16 well-known songs that have been specially arranged in a fresh, simple and stripped down way. Featuring just vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and percussion these songs are especially intimate and have been deliberately keyed so that men and women can easily sing them together. Ideal for small worship gatherings or times of personal devotion, Small Group Worship Vol.1 is an accessible and inspirational tool for your worship times.


The Vineyard Justice Network Summit [6 DVD Set]

Vineyard Justice Network

This new video resource is intended to help empower Vineyard churches and communities with practical justice insight and inspiration to free slaves, end poverty and tend God's creation.

Made by The Vineyard Justice Network, this 6 disc DVD set will provide your church or small group with important vision and information for making a difference in your community and even the world!

Recorded live at the recent 2013 Vineyard Justice Network Summit in Chicago, IL, this set features all 6 of the main session teachings from the conference.

Video teachings by: David Ruis, Kathy Maskell, Cheryl Pittluck, Tri Robinson, Steven Hamilton & Rich Nathan.


Kingdom Encounters [DVD]

Coaching The Saints

Kingdom Encounters is a training documentary that will encourage you to live a lifestyle of power evangelism. Join Brian Blount on this journey into the streets where you will see people healed and touched by the love and power of a good God. From fast food drive-thru windows to supermarkets to planned outreaches, you will discover that the kingdom of God is truly at hand no matter what or where. As Brian says, our job is simply to look, listen, and respond to Jesus’ activity around us as we obey His commission in Matthew 10:7-8, “as you go.”


Doin' The Stuff 2: Equipping The Saints [9 DVD SET]

Vineyard USA

Recorded live at the 2014 Doin' The Stuff 2: Equipping The Saints conference. Hosted by the Vineyard Church Of Urbana, IL.

9 DVDs Featuring: Phil Strout, Dianne Leman, Robby Dawkins & Randy Clark

"Without His presence we have no power, without proclamation we make no difference and without practicality we never get traction." This little statement has helped me understand why these three things are so important to the Vineyard. As a part of our Equipping the Saints series we will gather in January 2014 to be refreshed and empowered. The "Holy Spirit" will be the focus of this gathering and I hope you will be able to join us. ~ Phil Strout, VUSA National Director


Power Of Ugly: Grace That Transforms [Leader's Kit]

Jamie J. Stilson

Small Group Curriculum from Vineyard Pastor Jamie Stilson. Grace that Transforms is a seven week small group DVD series based on the book The Power of Ugly.

7 weeks of video based small group curriculum!


All In [DVD SET] - 2013 National Vineyard Conference

Vineyard USA

2013 National Vineyard Conference DVD Set. Includes main session teachings on 7 DVDs.

The Vineyard Movement: All In is a call to see the Vineyard movement become an "all in community" for the kingdom of God. The conference just happened July 15th-18th of this year at the Vineyard church in Anaheim California. Amidst countless amazing conference moments, the overwhelming theme was a commissioning of all Vineyard generations to go ALL IN for the glory of God and the well-being of people. The response to this call is captured and conveyed on this comprehensive DVD set.

About the conference:
The Vineyard Movement: All In is a call to see the Vineyard movement become an "all in community" for the kingdom of God. Reaching the hearts of 21st century people will take everything we've got, with no holding back. Held at the Vineyard Church of Anaheim California, July 15th - 18th 2013.

Featured Speakers:
Phil Strout
Luis Bush
Becky Olmstead
Jay Pathak
Jenna Stepp
Rich Nathan
Steve Nicholson
Robby Dawkins
Christena Cleveland
Le Que Heidkamp


Phil Strout: Vision For The Way On [Double DVD Set]

Phil Strout


Vision For The Way On is a brand new 2 disc DVD Set featuring Phil Strout, the newly elected National Director for Vineyard USA. Recorded live in Anaheim California, Vision For The Way On is a great chance to get to know Phil Strout as he shares his background, personal stories and inspiring vision for the Vineyard movement.

Vineyard family we encourage you to share this video set and booklet with your whole church. Consider showing Phil's message at your Vineyard 101 classes and small groups.

DVD Set Includes:
What's To Come: 1 hour & 18 min.
Preach The Gospel: 48 min.


Father Of Lights [DVD]

Wanderlust Productions

Through filming incredible (and often historic) spiritual encounters around the world, Darren Wilson cuts through religious misconceptions in an effort to find the true nature and character of God.


The Cause Conference 2012 [4 DVD Set]

Jay Pathak, Don Williams & Michael Gatlin

Featuring Jay Pathak, Don Williams & Michael Gatlin

God desires for us all to step out in His power and bring His kingdom here and now. Be inspired and challenged to step out and do the things Jesus did - Heal the sick, cast out demons, and feed the poor.

The Cause Conference: A Cause to Live For is a 3 day Vineyard conference held in the heart of beautiful Denver, Colorado at the Mile High Vineyard. Hundreds of youth and young at heart gathered to seek the heart of the Lord and go out into the community.

Hearing from some of the most inspiring voices in the Vineyard Movement, they were -and you will be- stirred to step out into the dreams, callings and vision the Lord has for us.

Conference set includes 4 DVDs and 1 audio CD teaching. Geared for young adults and the young at heart!


The Cross [7 DVD Box Set + Syllabus]

John Wimber

Normal Price: $90
Sale Price: $75

7 DVDs and Bonus PDF Syllabus

Recorded at the TBN Studios in the 1980’s, this series examines the redemptive
work of the cross, the turning point in history and focus of our relationship with
Christ and offers a fresh look at the person of Christ and what His life, death and
resurrection really mean in the light of God's power for us today.

The Cross with John Wimber from Vineyard Resources on Vimeo.


Cultivation Generation Conference [4 DVD SET]

Jeremiah Carlson, Robby Dawkins, Tri Robinson

New Release! A 4 disc DVD set recorded live at Cultivation Generation Boise ID.

Featuring Robby Dawkins, Jeremiah Carlson & Tri Robinson.

Experience Cultivation Generation and be inspired to go out and bring God's Kingdom to your community. Learn practical ways how to step out and be used by the Holy Spirit, whether you're young or old, you are sure to be impacted by these great stories & teachings. The next generation is excited to go out and be used by God. They are seeing miracles, new lives transformed by Jesus' love and getting their own God stories. Watch and be changed.

Session One /// Jeremiah Carlson
Session Two /// Tri Robinson
Session Three /// Robbie Dawkins
Session Four /// Robbie Dawkins


Spiritual Gifts [8 DVD BOX SET]

John Wimber

We have a very limited supply of the original spiritual gifts physical syllabus available. While this 8 DVD set comes with a 9th disc including a PDF version of the syllabus, you can "tack on" the paper version while supplies last.

Originally released in the 1980s, Spiritual Gifts 8 DVD set was pulled from the original John Wimber 2 volume series Spiritual Gifts. Recorded in a live audience setting, Spiritual Gifts includes 26 video sessions, approximately 30 minutes each.

"The Evangelical Church for years has recognized the priesthood of all believers. We have seen the necessity for each member of the Body to be equipped and to function in his area of talent and gifting. So why address the issue again?


A Place at the Table [DVD] - Small Group Curriculum

Chris Seay

Small Group Video Curriculum

"...If everyone in the Vineyard used this book and small group curriculum, and half the people who read it did half the things he recommends, we'd be in a great new place, with lots of exciting stories to tell...Author Chris Seay wants to change your life..."
Caleb Maskell, Society of Vineyard Scholars

"...Seay seems to capture a balance that we in the Vineyard are always shooting for between deepening our personal relationship with Jesus and being Kingdom-bringers into the situations of our world right now..."
Cindy Nicholson, Vineyard USA Women's Task Force

A Place At The Table is the perfect 40-day spiritual adventure of radical grace and faith that will give your church vision, discipline, firsthand experience-and in the end, a heart of compassionate faith ready to serve the needy, here and all around the world.

We recommend one book per participant.

Small Group DVD Description:
In a culture built on consumption--especially of food--it is easy to forget the poor that Jesus cared so much about. Following the pattern of his successful Advent Conspiracy, Chris Seay invites readers on a journey of self-examination, discipline, and renewed focus on Jesus that will change their lives forever.

The six-session/six-week DVD, shot in such locations as the Holy Land, Haiti, and Ecuador, will help small groups and entire churches go on a passionate journey of radical faith, personal action, solidarity with the poor, and extravagant grace.


The Alpha Course [Course Materials]

Alpha USA

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