Welcome to the Vineyard - 2017 KIT [50 Booklets & 50 CDs]

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Vineyard USA

WELCOME TO THE VINEYARD, is designed to be paired with a matching CD worship sampler to hand out to your newcomers.

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The WELCOME TO THE VINEYARD booklet gives your newcomers a quick snapshot of who we are as:

  • A Community of Churches
  • Worshipping Communities
  • Healing Communities
  • Biblical Communities
  • Outward-Focused Communities
  • Healthy Communities
  • Multiplying Communities
  • Those Who Do What The Father Is Doing

The WELCOME TO THE VINEYARD CD make great gifts for church visitors, outreaches and takes their church experience home with them in the car.

The track list on the Vineyard Welcome CD is a special selection of Vineyard Worship songs that are strong, effective and being used in Vineyard churches RIGHT NOW. All songs were intentionally chosen to connect the listener with God first and then with the worship style and sounds they hear at your church.

  • We Are Ready
  • Surrender
  • Sure
  • All Things Rise
  • Exalt The Lord
  • We Say Yes