Welcome To The Vineyard MP3 Card [50 Pack]

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Price: $1.19

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Vineyard Music


$1.19 per card.
Sold in packs of 50.

The brand new “Welcome to the Vineyard” Welcome MP3 Cards are a perfect gift for your weekly Vineyard visitors.

With these MP3 Cards your Vineyard can provide visitors with a low cost FREE gift that features Vineyard specific artwork, top worship songs and new interactive computer content with video links and articles on the Vineyard’s values, history and more! (Available in packs of 60 - $1.19 each)

On the back of each card is a website (vineyardresources.com/welcome) along with a redemption code. The receiver simply pops in the code and then downloads the 5 songs as well as a PDF copy of the statement of faith. On that same page are some great links and videos for them to learn more about the wider Vineyard. See for yourself. Visit the landing page here.

Vineyard Specific Artwork
Professionally manufactured, the new full color art not only looks great it matches the Vineyard Core Values Booklets!

Vineyard Computer Feature
New interactive computer content featuring Vineyard USA video links and info on the Vineyard’s values, how it started, and more!

Top Vineyard Worship Songs
Bless His Name, Jesus’ Name, All I Have, Invitacion Fountain and Glory To The King.

Additional Visitor and Member Resources Available:

Statement of Faith
Core Values