Vineyard Dimensions Of Discipleship [8 Book Set]

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Robert E. Logan, Charles R. Ridley, David J. DeVries

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Includes all 8 of the Vineyard Dimensions of Discipleship guides.

We don’t have to be perfect to be Jesus’ disciple, but we do have to know what we are signing up for and be willing to submit all areas of life to God. As Jesus discipled people, he expected that their discipleship would touch all aspects of their life, relationships, and even society as a whole.

A real disciple needs to embrace and be growing in all the dimensions of discipleship. We can’t be 3⁄4 of a disciple, picking and choosing, for a disciple when fully trained is like his or her teacher: Jesus (Luke 6:40). True discipleship is holistic: we can’t be content to be growing in some areas and lacking in other areas.

As we’ve considered the nature of discipleship, we’ve created 8 study guides reflecting the 8 dimensions of a disciple. As Jesus became incarnate and lived among us, these are the ways we see him living.

These 8 study guides can help increase your spiritual health, allow you to measure success in meaningful ways, and create a baseline for future growth. Most significantly, it will help you further advance God’s kingdom as you become a more effective disciple of Jesus.

Because the Vineyard Dimensions of Discipleship guides aren't meant to be used in any particular order, it's up to you to do some listening to the Holy Spirit. Take a look at the big picture and decide where God is leading you next. With a holistic system, it's always a surprise. No matter which guide you choose to start with and the order you go through them, you're engaged in an ongoing action-reflection process as you continue living incarnationally and missionally.