Signs & Wonders [13 DVD BOX SET]

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John Wimber

This is the prerequisite teaching to the "Healing DVD Set" (MC511) by John Wimber.

"...a remarkable piece of work resulting from a remarkable process." Dr. C. Peter Wagner

Based on the class John Wimber taught at Fuller Theological Seminary - MC510, this is John's most in demand teaching series to this day and is for the first time ever, NOW ON DVD!

Recorded live in Anaheim California in the 1980's, this in-depth seminar taught by John Wimber includes hands on clinics where the audience puts in to practice the things they are learning!

Box Set includes PDF Syllabus and 13 DVDs.

1. 82 Min. Personal Pilgrimage
2. 92 Min. Power Evangelism
3. 32 Min. Hands on Clinic "Power Evangelism"
4. 46 Min. Kingdom Of God
5. 40 Min. "World View"
6. 45 Min. Hands on Clinic "World View"
7. 67 Min. Spiritual Gifts
8. 46 Min. Signs & Wonders
9. 110 Min. Case Histories
10. 32 Min. Case Histories
11. 60 Min. Personalities & Pitfalls
12. 105 Min. Categories of Healing
13. 81 Min. Categories of Healing, What the Holy Spirit Is Saying to the Church Today & Hands On Clinic
14. PDF Syllabus*

*Please note PDF syllabus does not match the video sessions exactly.


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