NLC 2017 - Together Leaning Outward [DVD]

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Vineard USA

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On July 10-13, 2017 the Vineyard Movement across the US, with guests from around the world, gathering for Together, Leaning Outward – our 2017 Vineyard USA National Conference. Children, Youth, and Adults worshipped passionately, grew biblically and experientially, and ministered to one another throughout this powerful week together.

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The conference, focused on the Church and our mission in the world, was hosted by the Anaheim Vineyard in Anaheim, CA. Speakers include UK Guest Chris Wright, Adam Russell, Geno Olison, Rachel Conner, and Phil Strout. Panels on Mission & Multiply Methodologies, Signs & Wonders, Diversity, and Soul Care were also featured in the afternoons.

Video Sessions:
Adam Russell
Chris Wright, Part I
Panel: Mission & Multiply Methodologies
Panel: Signs & Wonders
Geno Olison
Chris Wright, Part II
Rachel Conner
Chris Wright, Part III
Panel: Diversity
Panel: Soul Care
Phil Strout