Esta Es Mi Canción-This Is My Song [mp3]

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The Houston Vineyard

(Spanish & English)

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Senior Pastor Michael Palandro believes that bilingual worship is a vital part of his church's mission. "Bilingual worship is our effort to build a bridge to this diverse community," he says. "We believe that embracing another language demonstrates our openness to people of all cultures and our desire to share life together as God's people."

Though Palandro and Lewis will be the first to say that they don't "have it all figured out", Esta Es Mi Canción - This Is My Song stands out as a great example of what happens when passionate worship meets commitment to mission.

Born out of the day-to-day ministry of the Houston Vineyard, Esta Es Mi Canción - This Is My Song provides a snapshot into their many years of reaching out to the predominantly Latino community around them. It features local worship leaders from Houston Vineyard - Jessica Lewis / Cristian Berguño / Mireya Martinez / Carissa Long / Jair Montiel C. / Carlabigail Quintanilla / Tim Walsh - and popular current Vineyard songs such as Stand In Awe, All I Have, and Jesus Name.

Jessica Lewis has been the worship pastor at the Vineyard Church of Houston for nearly three years and has served on the worship team for a decade. Two years ago, Senior Pastor Michael Palandro asked Jessica to take on a tough, new challenge: to integrate the Houston Vineyard worship team and the La Viña Spanish-speaking worship team into one. That endeavor helped propel an entire church into groundbreaking bilingual worship. The experience was so powerful that Lewis decided to approach her pastor with a new challenge: to capture this unique worship experience and share it with the larger body of Christ.

The result of that effort is Esta Es Mi Canción - This Is My Song, a project that provides a unique worship resource for churches looking to broaden their efforts in reaching our increasingly diverse culture. Each song is sung in both Spanish and English and is arranged to help facilitate a smooth transition back and forth from each language.