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Vineyard Resources

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  • On average, we'll save you 15% off the prices listed on this site!
  • Access to our popular "Welcome CDs" and Dropcards for your church guest – Choose from many different CDs/Cards or MAKE YOUR OWN! – Starting at .99 cents each!
  • Discounted resources from Group Publishing, Harmon Press, Spring Arbor and more!


    As a pastor of a church plant, I have found Vineyard Resources to be an invaluable tool for me. is my first stop for anything Vineyard related that I may need. When we were first starting out and I needed anything from the "Statement of Faith" pamphlets and Welcome CD's for our Newcomer bags and info table, to CDs and books to start out our bookstore, I knew I could go to Vineyard Resources and they would help me out. As we've grown a bit, I've continued to use them for VBI courses and to fill in some books in my library to help me develop as a leader.

    Ben LaFrinier - Lead Pastor - Community Vineyard Church, MN

    Vineyard Resources has been a great ministry support for our church’s mission. We have appreciated the availability of their friendly and courteous staff to help facilitate all our orders for our bookstore and Alpha materials at the 10% discounted price when we made the order by phone or email. This has been a huge blessing to be able to have excellent customer service, processing all our orders, returns and special orders in a timely fashion as well as saving money. I unreservedly recommend the Vineyard Resources and am completely satisfied with their services.

    Laurie Cochrane - Pastor of Assimilation and Discipleship - Vineyard Church Northwest, OH

    Vineyard resources has been a huge help to us over the years, from the time we were a very small church to now, in making available to our attenders Vineyard specific books, music, training materials, DVD's, and such. They have directed us to the specific resources we've needed each step of the way. The resources provided through Vineyard Resources is one of the main ways our attenders have felt connected to the larger Vineyard community—it's how they came to believe that there was more than one Vineyard church! Thanks for the help!

    Michael Gatlin - Lead Pastor - The Vineyard Church Duluth, MN

    Vineyard Resources is invaluable to me as the pastor of a small but growing congregation who wants to acquaint those I serve with the values, aims, and history of our movement. VR provides the very things I need, from books and small group materials, from children’s curriculum to training materials, CD’s, and DVD’s—not to mention those cool T-shirts, and stuff—that will help our members become more of what they want to be.

    Jim Miller - Nacogdoches Vineyard, TX

    The Vineyard in Rockville Centre, NY, has been using Vineyard Resources since they started. Early on, we were ordering Statement of Faith brochures which we gave to our visitors, and Club Vineyard which was used as a resource for our worship teams. We still purchase these items regularly, but we’ve been ordering newer items as well like Welcome CD’s. These CDs are included in the information bags given to our guests, they are so popular we’ve actually found that people take the CD and leave the bag!!! At Vineyard 101, our quarterly introductory class, we like to give each participant a book that we get from Vineyard Resources, such as “The Way It Was” by Carol Wimber as a take-home gift.

    The Vineyard in Rockville Centre

    Vineyard Resources has been an amazing friend and partner to our church throughout our long relationship. Over the years we have ordered all our Alpha resources (most recently our Marriage purchases in both English and Spanish at a discount!), our welcome center and new member resources (including Statement of Faith and Core Values booklets), and have even ordered books for our small groups and classes like our new Breakthrough Class. Recently we have restarted our media center and utilize the Vineyard Resources Bookstore in a Box (we love it!).

    Harry Fritzenschaft - Associate Pastor - Vineyard Church of Houston, TX

    Vineyard resources has been in important tool in helping our church plant realize our vision and our dreams. We have used the new ‘Values’ booklet as a part of our assimilation process for guests to our church. Currently, we have a subscription to the book club. I personally find it helpful to read what the other Vineyard leaders have written or read.

    André L. Jenkins - Lead Pastor - Crossroads Vineyard Church

    We are a small Vineyard church in south Texas. Over the past year we have redeveloped our Resource Center as a primary area of ministry. This means that we have placed this ministry on the same level as Small Groups, Children’s Ministry, etc. This began with a desire to see people investing in their own personal growth and maturity beyond the corporate settings. This desire raised our awareness of the potential value of a well stocked and highly communicated resource center. The VR team will do everything they can to help you make good decisions based on your needs. I have come to believe that you might actually be able to measure how people are growing personally by the activity you generate with a highly effective resource center.

    Bill Laswell - Lead Pastor - Brazosport Vineyard Church, TX

    Right out of the box there is really no place to take all the undeveloped people who are unexposed to the Vineyard than to Vineyard Resources. The material you folks provide about Vineyard history through books, tapes and CD’s by John & Carol Wimber. That in itself is a resource like no other! You all are the go to people for us when we need a book, even before Amazon.

    Earl Hampton - Lead Pastor - Vineyard Grant County, KY

    First of all, I would like to express how much we appreciate, and have benefitted from, the wonderful products and resources that you provide. The diversity and quality of resources you offer have not only helped to greatly support and enhance the many different facets of church life and community here at Hope Vineyard, but has also equipped us with a variety of effective ministry “tools” to help keep us on the cutting-edge of what is taking place culturally and currently in our world today.

    Pete Mano - Lead Pastor - Hope Vineyard Church, CA

    Outside of your own manpower there aren't a lot of opportunities to distribute your very own album unless you have folks interested in it. Having been a part of the Vineyard movement for about 14 years now, the Embers, a worship team coming out of the Vineyard Campbellsville, have been listening to quite a bit of music that Vineyard Resources has brought to our attention. Excitingly enough, Vineyard Resources is now carrying our music! A fulfillment of a dream perhaps. We are thankful they found interest in us!

    Hannah Daugherty – Worship Pastor – Vineyard Campbellsville, KY

    We are a young church plant that has greatly benefited from Vineyard Resources. When we first planted and found ourselves on our own and trying to figure our how to be a real church. We turned to Vineyard Resources for a number of things we needed to get ourselves going. We ordered everything from teaching DVD’s / CD’s by John Wimber and Bill Jackson to statement of faith pamphlets and thousands of guest welcome CD’s to hand out to new comers that visit our church.

    Geno Olison - Lead Pastor - South Suburban Vineyard Church, IL

    I love Vineyard Resources! We are so blessed to be able to access such quality tools at great prices and with such personal service. Vineyard Resources keeps us current in discipling newcomers and re-envisioning long timers.

    Patrick Street - Lead Pastor - Vineyard Church of Davenport