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The Vineyard Movement: All In

A Booklet For Your Entire Congregation
Calling Our Kids, Youth, and Diverse Family To Kingdom Living

When National Director Phil Strout began addressing the national Vineyard family in Anaheim this year, one statement settled in everyone's hearts: "We believe that if the pursuit of the kingdom of God is worth anything, it's worth everything."

That is what the new booklet for your congregation is all about – pursuing the kingdom and being "all in" with God's purposes for our diverse family.

Phil begins the booklet with an invitation to every person in your church: "Whether you're a longtime leader or a first time guest at a Vineyard church, consider this booklet to be an invitation to be 'all in' with the Vineyard movement. We believe that God is up to exciting things in our midst, and everyone is welcome."

The Vineyard Movement: All In is for every pastor, leader, and individual member of your congregation. It was designed in light of Phil's call to all Vineyard family members to say "Yes" again to being empowered by the Spirit to live out the words and works of Jesus' kingdom message.

The Vineyard Movement: All In calls every child, teenager, adult, and ethnic community of our Vineyard family to a renewed commitment to kingdom living. Written for each person in your congregation, these 24 pages will inspire your church members to engage with God in a rich new way with an "all in" lifestyle.

  • The Vineyard Movement: All In reminds us that "everyone gets to play."
  • The Vineyard Movement: All In charges us to pursue the kingdom of God with all we've got.
  • The Vineyard Movement: All In celebrates the family unit, and an all-age call to the kingdom life.
  • The Vineyard Movement: All In affirms our ethnic and cultural diversity across the country.

Booklet Includes:

  • • An opening challenge from Phil to each Vineyard church participant to be "all in."
  • • Stories of children hearing God and responding to the Spirit.
  • • A section affirming the role of teenagers stepping out in local church kingdom life.
  • • Inspiring words calling church planters and pastors in the 35-65 range to be formed.
  • • A celebration of our "over-65" mentors and discipler-makers.


  • • A powerful tool to excite your congregation about the Vineyard
  • • An inspiring booklet from Phil affirming our kingdom theology
  • • An encouraging view on all ages responding to Jesus' call
  • • A diverse vision of who we are becoming as a diverse, integrated family

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